Genesis Collective

We are better together, than we are apart

MATT LARSON  |  Co-Founder


Genesis Collective Anchor Values

In a broken world, relationships

We are friends. Those of us who provide the leadership for the collective, have enjoyed each other for a long time - for some it has been decades, for others several years. Our conviction is simple, as the holy Trinity forms the foundation for all of human co-existence and the garden heard the bellow of the Father declare “it is not good for man to be alone”, so we believe in a sovereign joining of hearts, that has set us on an adventure together. We are not professionals. Our familial hermeneutic offers us a way to read the scriptures through the lens of God as Father, the church as family, and the assignment is to raise up sons and daughters to leave home for their great, glorious gospel adventure. We love creating cultures of love, honor, respect, appreciation, and celebration as the fabric for our future.


In a lost world, redemption

Our message of hope is clear and simple - Jesus Christ, son of God, son of man, is the only true, full and complete hope for humanity. Through his life, death, resurrection and ascension, we see a pathway for redemption, restoration and atonement. From its micro salvation of each believer, all the way through to seeing cities (Ephesus) and nations (England under John Wesley’s teaching) transformed by this great king, we believe in eternity breaking in on this present age, as we, the church, can offer our world a preview of an eternity evidenced in the present. It is our great mandate to teach this Jesus message and model to all. This gospel offers ongoing spiritual transformation for all who say “yes” to its call, to be recreated into His image and likeness.


In a fractured world, leadership

A generation who has lost faith in leadership and finds no way of rekindling this trust, is our starting point. We believe in the spiritual transformative work of the Holy Spirt. His ongoing work in all our lives begins to stir up the reluctant heart, to embrace a calling received, an assignment defined and a character recreated, to become the vehicle for this mandate. “Every believer is a leader” is our battle cry. Being “in Christ” is to become like him, the most revered leader of all time. In his humility he was exalted, so we are to embrace both our leadership assignment as well as our follower-ship. This is simply essential if we are to believe we can change our world, together. This brand of leadership is courageous and meek, strong and tender, tenacious as well as creative. It is a leadership that seeks collaboration, transparency, accountability and clear minded example. As with all families, we who lead, accept the great familial privilege of receiving new Jesus lovers for discipleship as well as commissioning those who are now ready for the wondrous world of calling.

In a floundering world, truth

Without apology, the Bible is our sacred text from which we glean all truth, timeless, ancient yet still relevant today. Whilst we acknowledge the changing nature of our socio-political world, we want to adapt to this evolution, remaining ever invested in the pioneer conversations of our time. However we cannot bow to the pressure to conform to the subtleties of white picket fence suburban biases, or the liberal, progressive agendas of the urban sophisticated elite or the call for tolerance in creating a new synergistic faith, incorporating all other religions as equal vehicles for salvation. With tender compassion, we will engage in the many and diverse social agendas, yet remain rooted in the unswerving scriptures as they have stood firm over eons of time. They are our foundation for life and doctrine and we will seek to remain steadfast in these truths eternal. This we will seek to do and teach tirelessly.

In a myopic world, the nations

The captivating redemption of Christ, instantaneously mobilizes the hearer. With the reconciled nature of this good news, it reconciles us to God through Christ, it also reconciles us to ourselves, to others and to the world around us - restoring our custodianship of all creation. From the Genesis text mentioned above, matched by the affirmed call of Christ at the end of the gospels, we are a people with a clear mission to take this liberating life to the furtherest corners of the globe. With humility we recognize and respect cultural distinctives and diversities. This does affect our form of church creation, but it is a diversity we celebrate and many cultures that we applaud, as they submit to the Christian scriptures. Following the model of the sacred text, we seek to plant these gospel communities, to shine the redemptive light of Christ across the world. Through business or education, medical services or social justice, we plant communities wherever we find 5 families who invite us in or where we have Jesus commissioned people who desire to relocate for such an assignment. These acts of obedience are what gives life its meaning and fulfills the destiny tucked away in the heart of every believer. ...”this gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world” Col 1:6