Human trafficking, Church Planting, Global Assignment. 

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human trafficking

In partnering with other local agencies, we seek to serve our county by liberating those held in bondage in human trafficking be it -Labor or Sex Trafficking. Contact Haylee Pierce for more information: 

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Church planting

Chris and Meryl have been serving church planters around the world since the 80s. Currently they are running a church planting cohort for young leaders interested in advancing the kingdom by planting churches. Interested parties can find out more about this adventure by contacting (Tyler info). 

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Global assignment

Being part of gospel proclamation around the world for some 30 years has enabled us to collaborate with friends to do the following- firstly create new gospel frontiers (currently working with refugees in Greece); secondly plant churches in culture influencing cities of the world ( recently in Colombo Sri Lanka) and training and coaching leaders in the field (currently in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America) ( Chris info)